Q. The snow is a-coming and I’m not slipping rubber covers over my work shoes. So, I’m wondering if it is acceptable to wear winter boots with dress pants and then change into office shoes once you get to the office? Or is changing shoes at work unprofessional?

A. Changing shoes when you get to the office in winter is not at all unprofessional; it is an intelligent thing to do.

If you follow my usual advice and buy the very best shoes you can afford (wear them; enjoy them; and take care of them), then you certainly don’t want to ruin those good shoes by wearing them while trudging through rain or snow. Since you don’t like rubber overshoes, you can wear rugged outdoor boots on your commute, then change from them to indoor, business-appropriate shoes once you reach your office.

I can understand your reluctance to wearing the rubber covers: not only are they often on the clunky – if not ugly – side, but they may not be high enough to protect your shoes in snow. I also understand why you may not want to carry a bag with your at-work shoes to and from the office. One way to avoid carrying shoes is to select a pair that will work in most business situations (not your very best pair, but ones that are versatile enough to go passably well with most of the clothes you wear at work). Keep them stored in a drawer or a closet at work.

casual slippers

If you are meeting an important client or going to an early meeting and refuse to carry extra shoes to change into, here are a few options:

Many of these weatherproof overshoes are inexpensive (in the thirty-dollar range) and are a great way to protect your $300 to $400 shoes from rain, snow, and salt damage. They fit over every shoe style and size. A few brand names to check out are: Tingley, Totes, and SWIMS.

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